Renault developed a new eco-friendly fabric

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Renault developed a new eco-friendly fabric Renault
16. 11. 2019

Electric cars are (mostly) about being clean and bringing drivers an option of effecting on the environment as little as possible. Using electricity as a source of energy is thereby the cleanest option currently available. However, there are other options to minimize a carbon footprint, some even without and compromise regarding the usability and comfort: like using recycled materials to build new cars for instance.

This is exactly, what Renault has done with the new version of its first fully electric car, ZOE. Determined to use as much recycled materials inside the car as possible, they have decided to develop a new and unique fabric material, made 100 percent of used materials like safety belts, textile scrap from the automotive industry and polyester fibers from the recycling of plastic bottles (PET).

Mathias Daynie, Director of the ADIENT Fabrics plant in Laroque d'Olmes, pointed out that: "The development of fabrics made from short-loop recycled products, such as the one designed for New ZOE, is undeniably the future of our business. The prospects are very important both in the automotive industry and in other sectors of activity that will certainly follow this approach from an environmental, ethical and economic point of view.

This new solution has brought two important consequences. The first one is carbon footprint, which is thanks to this solution no less than 60 percent smaller than before. The other one is unique styling touch – both being probably very important to customers.

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